تحميل إغلاق

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Your residence. You need to have property of adequate expectations regarding of you to reside.

Your residence. You need to have property of adequate expectations regarding of you to reside.
For two adults without young children a house try large enough whether it have a home or kitchenette and at the very least one place. If youngsters are attending inhabit home, there needs to be most places. Two young children can show a bedroom.
A sub-let home is alright, nevertheless sub-let should be approved by the landlord, housing cooperative association or regional book tribunal. If a person has a live-in arrangement at individuals else’s property, or life acquainted with one’s parents, you’re perhaps not viewed as having an acceptable sort of construction.
You need to Apex review be able to use your home from the time your family members people started to Sweden.
You truly must be in a position to show that you have a property for around one year to come.
Exemp­tions towards main­te­nance requi­re­ment
Examples of instances in which you aren’t expected to have the ability to help your self and then have housing:

you may be under 18 years and anyone try trying to get a home license to being are available accept you,
an associate of the family are applying to expand her/his property allow
you are a Swedish citizen, a resident of the EU/EEA or a Swiss citizen and you are clearly married/cohabiting couples plus commitment is more developed (you posses, for example, stayed with each other for quite some time)
you may have a home permit with refugee or part protection status, together with application is created within three months of your own being granted a home license or refugee or part security updates in Sweden, you don’t need to the potential for are reunited in a nation outside the EU and you also existed together right away just before gone to live in Sweden
you may have reach Sweden as a quota refugee and program is made within three months of your own appearance in Sweden
there are other unique reasons, for example maybe you are struggling to meet the maintenance prerequisite on the basis of permanently damaged employed capability, for instance because of disorder or handicap. …